Cycling on Galiano

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Cycle from the ferry terminal to Driftwood Village – it is a relatively flat, 3km ride, with three Shore Access

Points along the way.  You can enjoy ocean and forest rides, with a range of challenges including the ride into Bluff Park and Montague Harbour.  Long-distance cyclists can stretch their legs on over 35 kilometers of island roads, from Sturdies Bay to the north end.

Galiano’s rural roads offer the opportunity for local and visiting cyclists to get up close and personal with the jewel of the Southern Gulf Islands.  A day trip from the Sturdies Bay ferry takes you to a number of intimate shore access points.

  • Ride single file on the right of the roads. They are narrow and winding.
  • Large groups travel more safely in smaller bunches
  • Do not zig-zag up hill it is dangerous. There is not much traffic, but it may be coming fast.
  • For your own safety, stop to rest off the pavement.
  • Beware of hazardous areas with limited visibility, such as hill-crests and curves.
  • Drivers are expected to slow down and give cyclists space.  Report dangerous behavior to RCMP.”

-From the CRD Galiano Island Cycling Map & Safety Tips for Residents and Visitors Brochure, available at the Office.

And a few other things:

  • Make sure you have lights to use in poor visibility and anytime else.
  • Wear reflective clothing. Just because cars have drivers with eyes and their vehicles have headlights does not mean they can see you!
  • Bring water
  • If a car passes you from behind you should anticipate another in its wake.
  • Share the road. What does that mean to you?
  • Although they no longer rent bikes, Galiano Bicycle is available for repairs.

Galiano is a little challenging but well worth the effort. There is beauty everywhere.