Cycling on Galiano

From the ferry terminal,  Driftwood Village – it is a relatively flat, 3km ride.

  You can enjoy ocean and forest rides, with a range of challenges including the ride into Bluff Park and Montague Harbour.  Long-distance cyclists can stretch their legs on over 35 kilometers of island roads, from Sturdies Bay to the north end.

Galiano Bicycle is available for repairs and is nearby

a few things to keep in mind

  • ride single file on the right of the roads. They are narrow and winding.
  • large groups travel more safely in smaller bunches
  • stop to rest off the pavement
  • drivers are expected to slow down and give cyclists space.  Report dangerous behavior to RCMP.”
  • make sure you have lights and ear reflective clothing. Just because cars have headlights does not mean they can see you!
  • bring water

Our roads consist of a lot of up and down and be a little challenging, but there is beauty everywhere.

Torrelli_Steel-Ride On!
Torrelli_Steel-Ride On!