About Us

3 kilometers from the Sturdies Bay  ferry terminal between Active Pass and majestic Bluff Park. 


Established in 1988 Driftwood Village is situated on the southern end of Galiano Island and offers visitors a charming, rustic and authentic Gulf Islands experience.  Our great location means you can walk, cycle, or drive 3 kilometers form the Sturdies Bay Ferry terminal between Active Pass and majestic Bluff Park.  Our 1 and 2 bedroom cottages have full kitchens, fireplaces, decks, cable tv, and private secure WiFi. Driftwood Village is ideally situated for walking to 6 shore points. Beaches range from sandstone to white shell, and all offer a unique perspective on Active Pass, a world-renowned whale watching locale.

Staying at Driftwood means you can enjoy the beauty of nature without leaving your cottage.  The lawn slopes past the pond into the heritage orchard.  Pear, plum and apple trees blossom in spring and fruit by late summer.  Fragrant lilacs in June, poppies in July, and the vibrant greens of January provide year-round delight to guests, birds, and deer alike.

The cottages, placed on the perimeter of our two acre grounds, offer a sense of privacy  while providing a communal atmosphere if and when you want it.




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